Day 188

Agent Orange Julius Caesar Trumpenstein has announced that transgender people will not be allowed in the military because of “medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.” I don’t know where to start with this bit of twitter wisdom. I don’t watch Faux News, but I have a feeling that the republican propaganda wing (Faux News) is behind this. The subtext seems to be that transgender people join the military so they can have sex changes paid for by tax dollars. Okay…that’s insane, but Trump has been insane in the membrane for about 70 years now, so that’s not news. People join the military for different reasons. Some join because they want to serve their country. Some join because they want to shoot guns and kill people. Some join because they have no other option. Some join because it is a family tradition. I’m pretty sure no one has ever joined to get a sex change. It’s like hearing that you can get free dental care in prison so you go out and kill someone so you can get your teeth fixed. 

Maybe The Man With Tiny Orange Hands is angry because Justin Trudeau is going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone and Trump is like, “I want to be on the cover of Combat Tactics. I know what I’ll do, ban transgender people. Ya, that’s tactical and combatty.” 

John “I was an American Hero, Now I’m a Flaccid Vessel of Hot Air” McCain returned to the Senate yesterday to vote to repeal Obamacare. He gave a great speech about working together to solve problems and doing good stuff for the American people, and then he voted to debate taking away healthcare. Senator Murkowski voted against it and the man with tiny orange fingers tweeted that she let America down. Don’t worry big guy (and by that I mean fat) we are used to republicans letting us down. 

So, what is the danger in debating the healthcare bill? Well, The Turtle-Necked-Bug-Faced-Bag-of-Kentucky-Fart-Wind can move the bill around and modify it without a CBO score and then shove it on through. It looks like debate, it smells like debate, but it really isn’t debate. So, McCain’s “I voted to debate the bill” defense doesn’t cut it. 

Senator Susan Collins, my favorite republican, was caught on a hot mic talking about how ugly a congressman is. It was a great bit of turn around, usually republicans on hot mics are talking about buying furniture for ladies they are trying to sleep with. 

Put a hot mic on me and you’ll hear me extoll the deliciousness of souvlaki.

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