Day 185

I hate it when I forget to declare a billion-dollar loan. I mean it happens, sometimes. If you’re THE KUSH it happens when you’re filling out your disclosure paperwork. Why would you forget? Maybe because you’re too busy meeting with Russians secretively, or maybe you did it on purpose because you know the disclosure will connect you to illegal activities.

Poor, poor Sean Spicy Spicy Spicer was seen last night leaving the White House…dragging a mini fridge down the driveway. This really happened. Maybe he is preparing to write a book about dragging a mini fridge around the country. (It’s been done: Round Ireland with a Fridge. Funny book.) I’d feel bad for the spicy one if he hadn’t spent the last 185 days lying. I can’t wait for his tell-all book: Life Under Fire: Sean Spicer’s Six Months on the grill. 

We should have the orange faced Ompa Lompas drag off each ex-Trump employee. Watch your tiny racist back Sessions! The little men are looking for you. 

Congress is voting to prevent Agent Orange Julius Caesar from removing sanctions on Russia. Yep, that doesn’t smell like something rotten in the state of the Union. 

Something that always smells good is souvlaki!

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