Day 183

The Trump White House is shuffling the deck as Pit Boss Mueller tightens his investigative noose. It appears Mueller’s investigation is making connections between Agent Orange Trump’s businessEs and Russia. (That E won’t let me make it lowercase…ahh!!!!) The Trumpenstien plan appears to be: Make Mueller look like he is a democratic hit man. This will be a challenge for the orange man with the big plans and tiny hands because when it comes to the old veritas he doesn’t have much experience. (I seem to remember veritas means truth in Latin, but I could be wrong. In these times, the truth takes a backseat to cool looking words…”I know all the big words…I know the Latin words…or not.”) Trump might be playing multidimensional chess, or he might be playing Jenga with the Constitution and USA. 

Exxon has been fined by the Trump administration for dealing with Russian while T-Rex Tillerson was the CEO. I’m not surprised. Tillerson was seen taking out his wallet and asking if he could pay in cash. The only thing with more Russian ties than Exxon is Trailer Park Team Trump. 

My favorite story in the news is about the Japanese PM’s wife. Trump sat next to her at the G20 dinner and told the NYTimes that she didn’t speak any English…”zero.” There is plenty of evidence of her speaking English to other people. So, was she pretending not to understand so she wouldn’t have to talk to The Orange Julius Caesar? Or…is the real problem that Trump really doesn’t speak English? You be the judge. Read his NYTimes’ interview. Most of his sentences start and then go wandering in the woods. The words are English, but the sentences might as well be Navaho. (Donald Trump, wind talker.)

The lesson we can take away from this is that Trump is easily fooled and doesn’t have the basic life skills to communicate with a lady without getting grabby. If there’s anything I need to grab it’s a souvlaki.

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