Day 180

The wealthcare bill appears to be dead…but like all horror movies it’ll probably start twitching a finger and then be gone when we look out the window tomorrow. Donnie “You’re going to get tired of winning” Trumpenstein has taken the failure like all great leaders, he’s tweeting like a crybaby who just lost his/her seat on Delta airlines. (If you missed it, Ann Coulter got treated like a regular American on an airline and decided it was unfair. Too bad there aren’t regulations where airlines are fined for doing that in the US like there are in Europe.)

Trump’s tweets read like all his tweets, a mixture of fantasy and confusion. “Who knew healthcare could be this complicated?” My favorite tweet is the one where he says, “I always said let ObamaCare fail and then we’ll come together and do a great healthcare plan.” Yep, that’s exactly what you said, right? Big Brother would be so proud of how Trump believes his own delusional thinking. At the end of one of his tweets where he blamed a few republicans and all the democrats for Trumpcare’s failure, he said he would return. I wonder if he got his google search mixed up with that one. Did he mean to type in McCarthy quotes, but typed in MacArthur quotes instead? 

Our dealmaker, the great negotiator, the cherry on the top of a mountain of bs, can’t get a bill to pass through the senate even though he has control of both houses. Remember how he excoriated the “stupid” deals everyone made before he became our national embarrassment and global joke? People actually believed him…people still believe him. 

MSNBC said Agent Orange Trump was impotent. It might be the perfect word to describe a 70-year-old man who can’t get his legislative members up to vote for his signature campaign promise. He can’t erect a wall. He can’t get Kim Jong Un to stop shooting off rockets. He can’t maintain a firm handshake with Macron. His floppy ties, his limp hair, his fascination with Putin’s hard line diplomacy, and his lies about the size of Tump tower, and his hand size all point to one thing…too bad there isn’t a little blue pill to fix what is really wrong with Mr. Trump. His low energy and inability to focus at the G20 shows Mr. Trump has lost it. Things fall apart, the center cannot hold…yada yada yada…he cannot focus, cannot lead, cannot do anything but wander the oval office looking for a door. (I never realized why it was round, now it all makes sense.) 

How much longer will it take before the Trump supporters figure out that they were sold snake oil and not a blue pill that will make America great again. 

One thing is guaranteed, a good souvlaki never goes limp.

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