Day: January 2, 2021

Day 180

The wealthcare bill appears to be dead…but like all horror movies it’ll probably start twitching a finger and then be gone when we look out the window tomorrow. Donnie “You’re going to get tired of winning” Trumpenstein has taken the failure like all great leaders, he’s tweeting like […]

Day 181

Trump’s Russian complications keep having complications. It’s like those hidden Russian dolls, each time we open one there’s another one revealed. We found out yesterday that Don-Fredo Jr’s meeting had an eighth member there. Note the changes…first, about adoption with one lawyer…now, eight people crowded into a gilded […]

Day 182

That tiny bump you felt on the Trump bus wasn’t a little pebble in the road it was Jeffro “tiny racist hands make the best crackers” Bowdeen Sessions. The racist Elfin King of the Department of Justice got tossed under the bus yesterday in a NYTimes interview with […]

Day 183

The Trump White House is shuffling the deck as Pit Boss Mueller tightens his investigative noose. It appears Mueller’s investigation is making connections between Agent Orange Trump’s businessEs and Russia. (That E won’t let me make it lowercase…ahh!!!!) The Trumpenstien plan appears to be: Make Mueller look like […]

Day 184

What a day. Sean Spicy Spicy Spicer took his podium of lies and headed back to his sandbox. I will miss the Spicemaster General. Let’s remember the good old days instead of dwelling on the negative. Sean Spicer was the best White House Press Secretary ever PERIOD! He […]

Day 185

I hate it when I forget to declare a billion-dollar loan. I mean it happens, sometimes. If you’re THE KUSH it happens when you’re filling out your disclosure paperwork. Why would you forget? Maybe because you’re too busy meeting with Russians secretively, or maybe you did it on […]

Day 186

As I type this, THE KUSH is behind the curtain in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He won’t be talking in public because what he might say is TOP SECRET. Who is more trustworthy than this guy? I mean, if THE KUSH has top secret clearance, then […]

Day 187

OMG! I don’t even know where to begin. China is beefing up troops on the North Korean border because they think Donnie Tiny Orange Fingers is getting ready to attack North Korea. T-Rex Tillerson is thinking about quitting because of President Agent Orange Julius Caesar is acting “unprofessionally.” […]

Day 188

Agent Orange Julius Caesar Trumpenstein has announced that transgender people will not be allowed in the military because of “medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.” I don’t know where to start with this bit of twitter wisdom. I don’t watch Faux News, but […]

Day 189

President Agent Orange Julius Caesar Trumpenstein took to twitter yesterday to announce that he was kicking all transgender people out of the military because they were too expensive. (More military money is spent on Viagra than on transgender healthcare. I don’t even want to know why that much […]