Ummm…Do you still have a blog?

I have a blog, in fact, if you are reading these words you have uncovered it. How you got here is your own problem, maybe your search history and cache made Google think that my blog would help you find out if Vienna’s drinking water is clean (one of my most popular blog pieces over the years for some unknown reason), or you searched “Can I take my 10-year-old to a rap concert” and suddenly found yourself confronted with a half-constructed blog with some not really good advice.

My regular readers (also known as the Magnificent 5) know that my blog is like a mistreated horse that I take out for a ride when the weather permits. I hear this type of blogattitude makes it difficult for blog success, but I’m not here for the success, I’m here to keep the old keyboard warm. When I’m not blogging I’m writing.

Today, I thought I’d just check in and give you a brief view behind the green curtain so you don’t think I’ve been kidnapped by Gypsies. So here’s an interview I did with myself as I thought of questions this morning:

So, you still have a blog?

Yes, I usually take a blogging break during the year.

Is that what you’re calling it? 


Okay, whatever. What are you doing when you’re not blogging?

I’m in a couple writing groups, one that meets on Monday nights and is focused on short stories, and one that meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays that is focused on novels. I’m also a regular at the Fourth Friday Readings which is usually pretty fun if you are a total word nerd. It’s an open mic deal where you have five minutes to read something. I usually read a short story that takes about four months to finish.

So you’re telling the truth when you say you’re writing? 


What is something you’re working on right now?

Well, I just finished a short story about a guy who wants his roommate’s record collection so much that he is willing to do just about anything. I’m also working on a number of short stories about the California Missions…kind of…the stories are connected to the missions but aren’t really about the missions, the stories are about broken, odd people. On the novel front, I just finished editing my baseball novel about the writers and artists in 1920s Paris for the 10,000 time. I made some major changes this time around.

So you’ll have more time to blog now?

Maybe, I’ve been thinking that I should blog on the weekends and do my other writing on the weekdays, but that’s like me thinking about working out. It sounds like something I should do, but chances are I’ll just sit on the couch and watch other people work out.

What’s something you like about blogging?

When I started blogging I thought it would be a good way to get an online presence (whatever that is), but what I really like about blogging is the community I am a part of. I don’t follow many blogs and don’t go for the whole blog “I’ll follow you if you follow me” blackmail deal but the blogs I do follow are all run (is run the right word?) by people who I genuinely like. They are spread out across the globe: Denmark, South Africa, Eastern Canada, somewhere in the US where hockey is watched and being a Steelers fan isn’t weird, the upper East Coast, and then there are a few folks near home in the mighty Pacific Northwest. It is odd to belong to a community of words, but it’s better than being part of a community of cute cat pictures, or Trump supporters.

Tell us your deepest, darkest secrets?

Okay…oh, it’s time to shower and get the day started.



12 thoughts on “Ummm…Do you still have a blog?

  1. Glad to be part of your comic book hero gang, and nice to hear more about your offline antics. Sounds like working out to me, but once you’ve been putting in the time at the gym, it shows.

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  2. There’s a place where being a Steelers fan isn’t weird? I should go there so I can stop getting all the dirty looks.
    Your short story reminds me of another in which one character wants another’s records. I think it’s called The Portable Phonograph by Walter Van Tilburg Clark. I remember it from 10th grade, so it must be all right.

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  3. Gotta love those hockey fans! Blogging is just a part of a varied writing diet. No need to feel guilty about not supplying something free. Also, I was in Vienna this summer and I never thought to wonder whether the water was okay to drink. What an odd worry.


      1. Vienna impressed me with its centuries of history and civilization. As we said after visiting one spectacular museum, it really pays to be the first to conquer and pillage.
        I am not posting anymore. Like you, I’ve switched to writing books. But I still drop by to read my favourite blogs.

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  4. Since I found your blog shortly before your son’s illness, I can’t help wanting to know how he is. That was a rough spell — and you blogged through it with your pain bare and beautifully. I hope he’s thriving and it’s only a blip on his magnificent life.

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    1. Dylan is healthy and doing really well. He finished his AA degree this summer and is now off at Western Washington University working on his BA. We still go in for tests every six months and those days are tense but his doctor is really happy and positive about his progress. Thanks for asking.

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      1. That makes me very happy. I am sure I am not the only stranger that came to care about him and the rest of your family through your writing during that intense time. Warm regards to all.


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