The Irresponsible Adult Trip

Noticing Things in Copenhagen 

1. Groups of British women under the age of 30 are not nice. I overheard (I wasn’t eavesdropping, these folks were belting it out like Chile’s soccer team singing the national anthem) several conversations while in Copenhagen. Almost all of the conversations were about how much they hated one of their friends who was not there. It was like watching one of those Housewife’s of ___________ shows, but a live version where I couldn’t change the channel. 
2. I don’t trust men who nap on their bellies in parks. I don’t know what it is, but there is something not right about it. 

3. Chinese tourists are quickly replacing American tourists as the most clueless and ugly travelers. We’ve held the title for a number of years, but I think we will soon be number two in one more category. (Good thing we still lead the world in other stuff like military spending and prison population.)

4. Eating an entire Danish sweet roll meant for a family of six is possible if you are really dedicated.

5. There are some really funny words in Danish.

 6. When in Copenhagen get across the water to the food truck building. What a great place to eat…now if they just finished that bridge. (My apologies to the Danish people for indicating that they work slowly on building projects. I thought very little had been done in the three years between my visits, but most of what has been done is underground.)

7. I’m still afraid of heights and climbing this tower was a bad idea. It did get the old ticker going. (I’m not sure if I should post these pictures because one of my blogging friends recently found his picture being used on dating sites…and not by him…he claims. On second thought, anyone who finds these selfies helpful in their dating pursuits needs more help than I can give them.)

8.That statue of Hans Christian Andersen looks pretty solid until you try to climb all the way onto his shoulders. 

9.Everyone should visit Freetown Christiania. (The three rules of Christiania: No photos, no running–because running causes panic?, Have fun.) This place was an abandoned military base and some hippies came along and started squatting there, and 30 years later somebody needs to buy a broom. For those of us who believe there could be a utopian world out there if we could all just chill out and live in peace, Christiania is a realization that it can happen, but it would be a huge mess with lots of old dudes sitting around at 9AM drinking beer. 

10. You can get a magic rock through airport security, and you can sit on the floor with the magic rock between your legs while doing the splits. 

11.Biking is by far the best way to get anywhere in Copenhagen and therefore it should work in the rest of the world. Copenhagen doesn’t have Southern California weather by any stretch and they make the whole bike thing work. If you are a bike hater you need to come to Copenhagen and see it in action. 
12. If I were ever to run away from life Copenhagen is where you’ll find me. 

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