12 thoughts on “A Day in Oslo: You do the words

  1. You did all this in one day? Amazing! Your typical Norwegian breakfast obviously lasted you all day, especially when you can make sandwiches to take with you. You missed the pickled herring, something we usually avoided, too.
    You’ve taken great pictures that bring back pleasant memories. Thanks.


  2. Wow! The sculptures of people are just incredible! The metal sculpture of the two fish, amazing…and The Scream! Oh man, I’m jealous! I’m just gonna’ use a whole bunch of exclamation points here!!! Can you bring one of the people sculptures back with you? Or maybe you could fit a ship in your carry on bag. I had no idea they had such amazing stuff to see there. I’m looking forward to reading about all of these places. Thanks for the photos, but the words I came up with were “oh COOL” and “wow, look at the curl on the bow of that boat”.


  3. Is that a stature of Isben? I thought it might be before I saw his name on the frieze (did I use that word right)? Do I win a prize? What about for using “frieze”?


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