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At every high school awards dinner there is a moment set aside for the kid who never got in the game but stayed on the team waiting for their moment of greatness. Anyone who has been on a team knows these kids are the glue that hold the world together, they show up to every practice, give their best, and know that after the buzzer sounds they will not have to shower. The award these kids receive at the end of the year is: Most Inspirational. (I was the Most Inspirational player on the 1981, JV basketball team in Lemoore, CA. Not bad for someone who averaged .02 points a game.)

Blogging is a hobby set aside for weirdos, egomaniacs, and the Illuminati. Bloggers sit in a little room, or a Starbucks if they are an egomaniac, and type words onto a screen and then at some point they hit a button that publishes their ramblings into one of the internet tubes connected to their home. I have operated this blog for a couple of years now and it is not what would be called a wildly successful blog, but like all great things in life, my blog is an acquired taste.

Scott Nagele is a man of fine taste who operates a blog from a secret lair buried deep in a bunker somewhere in the upper midwestern part of the United States. How do I know Scott has fine taste? Well, he nominated my blog for the Very Inspiring Blogging Award. If you haven’t read Scott’s blog because you are hidden in a secret lair buried somewhere in the upper midwestern part of the United States, or you live in Kentucky where reading is considered a “special talent” then I suggest you check it out: Scott has three young boys, a very understanding wife, and a funny blog. Scott and I share a love of writing, reading, and walking faster than anyone else in our family.

Scott broke almost all the rules of the blog award and so I will continue this tradition of anarchy. According to the rules I should write seven things about myself and then nominate 15 different bloggers…is there anyone who reads 15 blogs? No, I mean really reads the blogs, not just hitting the like button like most bloggers do to maintain the illusion of following the blogger. (I refuse to play this game, so if I follow you, I really follow. Which is probably one of the reasons I run a highly unsuccessful blog.) Oh, I have also decided to write seven embarrassing facts about myself instead of seven facts about how awesome I am.

Seven Embarrassing Facts About Me:

  1. I once told some of my friends that The Fine Young Cannibals’ album The Raw and The Cooked was the greatest album of all time.
  2. I cry every time, EVERY TIME, I watch Life is Beautiful. The first time I saw the movie I was supposed to meet some friends at the theater, I bought my ticket, found a seat, and my friends never showed up, so I was in the theater by myself crying like a junior high girl at The Fault in Our Stars.
  3. I spent three years refusing to wear socks and never tying my shoes. This might have been okay if I was two, but I wasn’t.
  4. When I was about 13, I thought I had a pretty good singing voice. To test out my thinking I got a tape recorder, put on headphones, hit record on the poor tape recorder, and sang along with Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton as they belted out Islands in the Stream. What I discovered was that I did not have a pretty good singing voice.
  5. I tried to sneak into a thermal springs in Rotorua, New Zealand with a large group of Japanese tourists. Everyone at the hostel told me to just blend in with a group and walk through the gate.  I’m 6’6″. It didn’t work. The the big Māori guy at the gate was not impressed.
  6. For two years in high school I got my hair permed. I would go to the beauty parlor every two months and get my hair put in curlers. Then to up the stupidity I decided that I wasn’t going to comb or brush my hair any longer…my senior pictures are pretty special.
  7. I had a choice to take piano lessons or play little league baseball when I was 11, I took piano lessons. I still think it was the lesser of two evils.
If you can blog with one of these machines you are a inspiration.
If you can blog with one of these machines you are an inspiration.

My 15 Blog Nominations (Where I live the blog exchange rate is 4 to 1). 

Now, all four of these blogs are actually successful, and therefore free to ignore this nomination, but I thought my loyal reader might want to see what a real blog looks like. (These folks also have offered much kindness during my son’s illness so they were bumped up from good bloggers to good people.)

Up first is Andrea’s blog. Click here to be magically transported —>  Andrea has a way with words and has one of the most honest writing voices you will find. She is also pretty nice in real life.

Next is Bill’s blog. Click here to go there —->  Bill can write. He writes it all: poetry, short stories, opinion pieces, gut busting humor, and probably recipes too.

Ross runs a blog and lives in Canada (therefore, constitutionally required to be nice to Americans). Here is the linky-do ——> Ross kills it. He is the funny, insightful, and one of the most supportive blogging friends a blogger could want.

Finally, is Dina’s blog. Dina is an American who lives in Denmark (in other words, my role model). —>  Aside from the fact that I want to run away and live in Denmark, she is another blogger who can really write.

That’s it kids. Thanks for dropping by and make sure you tip at least 15%.

28 thoughts on “Most Inspirational

  1. Isn’t it weird how “inspired” is just a mispronunciation away from “insipid”? Not that that has to do with anything or anyone present, just crossed my mind. Yes, that’s the kind of gold you’ll find at my blog, folks…
    Thanks for the nomination. I haven’t done one of these in a while because I had fallen into a “stop the madness” frame of mind. But I think I may do this one and pass it on.
    Perm? Really?


    1. Perms were all the rage in California in the 1982. I eventually figured out I could look just are ridiculous for free if I cut my own hair. I’ve always been a trend-setter.

      Don’t feel obligated to pass the madness.


      1. As the older sister I still can see Jon with his high school look and tight curly blond perm. He also pierced his ear for about 5 seconds. That was an act that even Mom didn’t have to jump on bcs Jon`s high school buddies took care of the harrasing, and no more earring. Now he just needs to add a tattoo to the wookie beard!


      2. Jon you are a hoot. Love that you are married to my baby semester and that you are doing such a greT job as z dad, husband, b-I-L and blogger. Hope you all got some cake. And happy birdfday as Che would say. can’t wait to celebrate Dylan’s 50th in 30 years. Tell him auntie said so. Love love love you all. You are a great writer and blogger.


  2. I liked Fine Young Cannibals too, but definitely not as much as you did.
    I’ve been wondering, did I introduce you to Dina? It would be my only successful matchmaking ever.


  3. I had to take a moment to finish laughing. I think it was Islands in the Stream that did it. Or maybe the perms? Definitely the perms. Was it 1982? That was the year I had a perm AND braces. Not a good look :-). You are inspiring, Joe (kidding! I mean Jon–really I do). From your Nerf open carry brigade to your choice of career to the incredible way you’ve bared your soul during Dylan’s illness. Watching your relationship unfold in the blog is a bit like waiting for a butterfly to emerge from a cocoon. It’s raw and beautiful. So. Thank you for the return compliment. And I cry every time I watch Rudy if that makes you feel any better :-). (Life is Beautiful is gut wrenching. Orphans. Orphans will be my undoing. Orphans and the holocaust? Forget it.) Cherry….I am waiting for more hockey romance reviews…and waiting…


    1. It was 1982! The perm is one of those decision I just can’t explain. Thought I was rockin’ the look, but the pictures tell a different story.

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m thinking I need to bring back open carry Nerf after the Cancer madness is over.


  4. Danes are considered quiet and patient people who are not self-indulgent. Makes sense to me considering their history. So, well, it may be difficult for you to aspire to be like your role model. Just saying!!!! And wasn’t it so much easier to write about 7 embarrassing facts, rather than stating 7 awesome things about yourself. Based on what you have shared thus far in your family’s perilous journey, I am confident you could come up with 7 awesome things, BUT the 8th could be a little vexing. LOL


  5. I remember the perm look, Jon! Mark had one, too. My favorite picture of him during those days is his freshman football pic with the curly fringe around his football helmut! Priceless!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Six foot six?! See, I wouldn’t have gleaned that from your posts. Why would I? Who are you calling Wood Eye? Thank you for the nomination Jon, I’m honored. And also, that you really “Follow,” vs. click buttons. I’m with you on that. Which is why it’s hard to keep up some times, innit? I hope you and your family are well this rainy Saturday. Pitter-patter. Life goes on, bra! – Cheers, – Bill


  7. I do have to admit your senior prom pictire with the light blue suit and perm was pretty awesome… I always thought you were cool. 👊


  8. Hey, I thought us belonging to the Illuminati was a well kept secret? Now look what you’ve done.

    I will be crying over the fact that you actually permed your hair in high school. And I’ll be crying every time I think about it…

    And what do you mean you don’t have a successful blog? Define such…


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