Seahawk Fever: It’s like the Flu

About halfway through this year’s NFL season I bought a Seahawks t-shirt. Each time I wore the shirt the Seahawks lost. I’m not saying I am the primary cause of their losses, but I stopped wearing the shirt and they have been on a six game win streak. As they say, “It’s only stupid if it doesn’t work.” Here’s the thing, I have never really been a Seahawks fan. I am a Bandwagoner. Longtime Seahawk fans want people like me to go away. They have endured years of pain and now those dark winters have turned into a spring of football championships. Not me, I haven’t really cared about the Seahawks until last year when they won it all. I understand. I support teams who lose every year and if they ever did win, I would…hold on…I’m a Cubs fan…that isn’t going to happen, so I’m not even going to entertain the thought.

The 12th man is everywhere.

The 12th man is everywhere.

I have a few addictions and one of them is sports. I realized this while I was traveling through New Zealand. I started watching the World Championship of Lawn Bowling. If you can get excited about lawn bowling…enough said. (NASCAR is not a sport. You couldn’t pay me $100 to watch an entire NASCAR race.) Betting on the games I watch is a threshold I know not to step over because it wouldn’t be long before I was selling my extra kidney to get some spare cash. There was one time I put money ($20) on a game and it killed me to watch it. I was screaming at the television like I do when watching Dick Cheney interviewed about why the US invaded Iraq.

Seattle has Seahawk fever. Walk around downtown and 50% of the people will be wearing some form of Seahawk gear, cars are flying 12th man flags, and every business is trying to get in on the Seahawks thing. The Burke Museum has brought the tribal mask that inspired the Seahawks logo to town so people who spend their weekends screaming at large men in tight shorts and padded shoulders might venture into a museum and learn something other than which Seahawks have expiring contracts.

Yep, you can really see this in the Burke Museum.

Yep, you can really see this in the Burke Museum.

The funny thing about catching Seahawks fever is that you don’t realize how obnoxious it is to anyone living outside of the infected area. I am certain that people living in Denver don’t think that Russell Wilson is one of the nicest, most humble, and awesome humans ever to walk the surface of this planet. People in San Francisco are not enamored with Richard Sherman’s swagger. People in Boston are not in love with Marshawn Lynch’s one word answers to the media. But, if you live within 300 miles of Seattle, there is nothing Seahawks can do wrong. This band of brothers, these few, these special young men are the best and brightest America has to offer.

And on the 8th day God created Russell Wilson.  (Photo stolen off the internet.)

And on the 8th day God created Russell Wilson. (Photo stolen off the internet.)

On the cool side of the pillow reality waits for Seahawks fans. If the team loses this weekend the entire Pacific Northwest will go into a deep depression that will last until May (traditionally known around here as “when the sun comes out”). I will be disappointed for about four hours and then get on with my life, which will annoy true Seahawks fans even more than me joining the bandwagon as the team crossed the finish line.  If the team wins this week I won’t be surprised if the entire PNW shuts down for the two weeks leading up to the SuperBowl. It really is that crazy here.

For me a SuperBowl victory will mean one thing, I can take my $12 Seahawks T-shirt out of the closet and wear it without fearing my actions will cause the mighty Seahawks to lose a game.

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