The Wedding Ring

Drawing a line in the sand

Shall I build a wall or a bridge?

Your walls are ancient and thick,

They cannot be crushed by strategy,

But time will turn them to dust.


Shall I rescue you then?

Should I build a wall that encloses us?

A new wall, a wall built with love that can hold all.

A wall built not to hold out, but to hold in.


A wall long enough and large enough

To surround the Earth.

A wall so large and so strong

That it doesn’t need to built at all.


There was a time when your wall was needed

To hold the Earth at bay.

Instead join me on the seashore.

We will draw a wall in the sand.


We will press into the shoreline a groove

That covers the Earth

And encloses us all until the tide and wind

Sweep our fortifications away.

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