The Kinetic Sculpture Parade

I didn’t travel to Port Townsend this weekend for a parade, in fact, I don’t like parades. I went to PT (Port Townsend for people living on the Olympic Peninsula) for a slice of pizza at Waterfront Pizza. Traveling 20 miles for a slice of pizza might seem a bit odd, but good pizza is not easily found in these parts, and there is always something to be seen in PT on the weekend: a super farmer’s market, movies at the Rose Theater, used books at William James, The Writer’s Workshop, and coffee in the Underground. So when my wife and I set out for PT we didn’t have a plan in mind other than grabbing a couple slices and wandering around the downtown. The drive to PT is beautiful, if you live in another part of the world, stay there. You can come to visit, but let’s keep my part of the world the way it is. The striking blue harbors, the colorful deciduous trees, and the evergreen covered mountainsides are just a few of the visual highlights of a trip to PT.

When we arrived in PT I knew something weird was going on, or something typically PT, I saw a man pedaling a canoe down the road. That’s right pedaling, not paddling.

A kinetic sculpture is a human-powered machine that can move on both land and water. I don’t know who invented the parade or if there are more kinetic sculpture parades in the world, all I know is that there is one in PT and I saw it this weekend.

My vantage point looking south on Water Street.

Not a beauty, but it worked.

There were about 10 people in this one.
I was a little worried about this little kid. That sculpture does not look like a floater.
Road Warrior fans will remember this one: Humongous.
The fluffy animals attached to the front were not injured in the process of taking these pictures.
The crew did not go bare buns, but it was warm enough if they had decided to let it all hang out.
The canoe with wheels. The US Navy might want to consider this mode of transportation for the Seals.
The first sign of the apocalypse: The aporkalypse breaks down during the parade.
Like a car show, but with old hippies.
The crowd waits for the sculptures to dance in the water. We decided this was the perfect time to get our slice of pizza. We did hear sirens later, so hopefully no one was hurt. The pizza was good.
The farmers market in the Uptown area of PT.
Two slices of pizza and a pie? Yep, blackberry and it was delicious. I did have to park at least two blocks away, so I got my exercise for the day done also.

PT on a Fall weekend is a pretty good place to visit and the Olympic Peninsula is a great place to live, but only move here if you fit in with the PT town motto: We’re all here, because we’re not all here.

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