Who’s Too Old For a Rap Concert? Part 1

In my family we like to say, “The more you like music, the more music you like.” I love music and have encouraged my children to love music also. Unfortunately this has caused my children to form their own musical tastes and dabble in rap music. We all know that rap music is the gateway music to anarchy, death, destruction, and the end of mankind. I will admit that I dabbled in rap music when I was younger. I listened to the Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, and De La Soul; but I didn’t get hooked, I knew better than to try the harder stuff like NWA and Tu Pac. I never wore a hat sideways, bought gold chains, or owned a pair of pants that sagged enough to show off my ass. While friends of mine were learning the lyrics of Cop Killer I took a left turn and immersed myself in reggae. (No, I did not grow dreads, or chant down Babylon.)

My children do like the rap music and apparently there is a vibrant and growing rap scene in Seattle, at least this is what I have been told. So when my children expressed an interest in attending The Physics album drop I was concerned. I am one of those older folks who associate most rap music with misogynistic lyrics and anti-authoritarian attitudes, so I told my children I would chaperone them if they paid for everything: my ticket, the ferry ride, the meals, and all the coffee I could drink. They agreed and that is how I ended up at my first rap concert last Saturday.

Mount Rainier from the Bainbridge ferry deck.

It was a beautiful day to visit Seattle. The sky was clear and from the ferry the entire Cascade Range was visible from Mount Baker to Mount Rainier. There is no other major city in the US that is as lovely as Seattle on a clear day. This is not an opinion; it is fact.

We arrived in Seattle and headed for Neumos (the club where the concert was to be held) on Capitol Hill. We ate lunch, walked around and looked in the shops, and spent about two hours in Elliot Bay Bookstore. By the time 8PM rolled around I was already tired. I rallied by drinking a couple espresso shots and then went to stand in line for the concert. Most of the people in line were about 12 years old (anyone under 25 looks 12 to me these days.)

Elliot Bay Bookstore in Seattle. Once located downtown in the Pioneer Square area, is now on Capitol Hill.

We entered the venue and I set up camp as far away from the stage as possible, my kids went the opposite direction. Neumos has an upstairs for over 21 drunks and a lower section for the kids. It did not take me long to feel old since I was downstairs with the kiddies, but I did my best to put my cool on and stood next to a large fan hoping it would blow the noise away once the concert started.

The kids pretending not to know the old dude in the back.

The first 30 minutes of the show were taken up with various strange looking dudes walking on stage and fiddling with turntables and cables. Most of the AV crew looked like they had just escaped from the set of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Eventually they connected all the right cords and the speakers began pumping out chest crushing bass thumping sounds that probably killed whales in the Puget Sound.

(Tomorrow: I learn to put my hands in the air.)

12 thoughts on “Who’s Too Old For a Rap Concert? Part 1

  1. I think I’m seeing my future in this post! I’m at the stage where my kids want to come with me to gigs, which I’m sure will be closely followed by them not wanting me to come with them.


  2. I love it…I googled “Should I take my kids to a Macklemore concert?” and found your blog. The internet is truly a miraculous thing ;). Do you find that people in the audience get annoyed by kids being present? I have brought my kids to some rock shows and always get such horrible looks like I’m the worst parent in the world. I think I don’t really care and I think I’m going to bring them anyway ;). Great blog…so happy I stumbled upon it…


    1. Thanks, I’m glad you stumbled on to my blog. I like taking my kids to music events. It is a great way for them to introduce me to something they love, and if you and your kids love music there is always something bonding in that. Macklemore concerts are now getting pretty big and crowds get pushy, but he puts on a great show and if your kids can tolerate a few f-bombs they’ll survive. The last show we went to had open seating for kids and parents.

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      1. The f-bombs I can handle. We have a rule about how rockers and rappers get to use words like that because sometimes it conveys a stronger message. Kinda BS, but allows me to sometimes get away with listening to music that may be a bit questionable for young minds. Pushy crowds suck, but we always follow the advice you gave in another post and sit waaaayyyyy in the back ;)!


    1. 9 years old would be 4th grade I think. I think a kid that age might be borderline. There will probably some swearing, references to sex, and the crowds are pretty crazy. There will be probably be space in the back reserved for older and younger folks. He puts on a good show and depending on how your child deals with crowds and noise could either be a disaster or a great night. I have always felt some experiences are worth the risks.

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      1. Thanks for the reply. His mom is taking him and I thought the sex references I can see in the lyrics would be pretty inappropriate for his age. But hopefully he just won’t understand it?


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