Month: July 2012

A Weekend in Oz

  Seatac is not really part of the Emerald City, but the bastard child of Tacoma and Seattle has its own charm: aging hotels, tourists waiting for another flight, and parking garages. Seatac was home this weekend to the Pacific Northwest Writers Association annual conference and because I […]

Pieces of Me

Michelangelo chipped away Flecks of stone Like so many toenails discarded by a small choice. Razor thin or chunks. Each day his work was swept away, left in the street and covered by dust. The forgotten pieces of his work mauled and crushed by the everyday. He could […]

I am Water

The Middle-of-Nowhere, Kansas is where I was born. It was the wrong place for me to be born. I don’t have much in common with Kansas. Kansas is dirt, I am water. I was moved to Chicago not too long after my birth. It is the first place […]