Quick Trip to Seattle

I had to make a quick morning trip to Seattle this weekend and took some pictures. I took most of the pictures from the Bainbridge Island ferry.

The ferry Tacoma and a little bit of my finger.
Downtown Seattle through the mouth of the ferry.
The Olympic Peninsula/home. The Olympic Mountain Range can be seen if you look closely.
Pioneer area before the masses awake.
Quest Field or is it something else these days? Whatever the name, it is where the Sounders (soccer) and Seahawks (American football) play.
Looking from SODO (South of Downtown) toward downtown.
The train station and downtown cluster of towers.
The waterfront looking north. The Space Needle is hiding behind one of the buildings.
The Space Needle through the ferris wheel thing they are building. The wheel is about half the size of the London Eye. Notice the orange top on the Space Needle. The Needle was originally orange and has been returned to its original color to celebrate its 50th anniversary.
One more for the road.
Heading back home.

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