The End of the Road

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award will be announcing the finalists next week. Calls went out to the three writers this past Monday and the only call I got was from Les Schwab. My brake pads are in, which was good news, but not the news I was hoping for. It certainly has been a great ride and my friends around the world have been supportive as I moved from round to round. Thanks.

So now it is back to the business of writing letters to agents and waiting. The good news is I have a handful of great reviews and a nearly flawless review from Publisher’s Weekly. I should be able to get my size 12.5 in the door somewhere. If not, it won’t be the end of the world. When I set out to write Six Summers in Paris reaching the end was my goal. I made it there, not many people finish a novel and even fewer writers get their work published.

What’s next on my global plan to take over the publishing world? Not much, I will pop in here to drop a few words and I will also continue my work on two other novels I have started and crank out more short stories. One of my stories (The Land Baron) came in second place in a local contest and it will be published in the Tidepools literary magazine in June.

My annual pilgrimage to Powell’s bookstore is on Friday and for the first time ever I will document the wanderings of Jon Quixote and Peter the Red.


4 thoughts on “The End of the Road

  1. Great job for putting your work out there! I think having a complete work that you can submit to Amazon is in and of itself a major accomplishment! Keep the good ‘tude. 🙂


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