Month: May 2012

Repost: My Memorial Day

I grew up in a small community in central California. The two major industries (if you can call them that) were farming and the Navy. It might seem odd to people that there would be a Navy base far from the water, but the San Joaquin Valley provided […]

A Poem For Wetlands

  Mixed into two feet of decay, smells of death, and rot, and must. It tears at cells of life melting them into the muck.   This purgatorial zone eats life. Draws it in, turns it, rolls it into heat. Turning life, churning life, burning life out of […]

The End of the Road

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award will be announcing the finalists next week. Calls went out to the three writers this past Monday and the only call I got was from Les Schwab. My brake pads are in, which was good news, but not the news I was hoping […]