Making the Cut Part 2

What I looked like before the world started beating me up.

A few months ago I wrote about getting cut from various activities in my life. My  life of failure is well documented. Was it Shakespeare who wrote “the first cut is the deepest?” No, that was Cat Stevens. Shakespeare wrote about “the unkindest cut of all.” Nevertheless, if there is one thing Mr. Stevens, Mr. Shakespeare and I all agree on, it is that getting cut sucks. So this past week I had a pressing weight on my chest (not as oppressive as Giles Corey)  as March 20th approached and the next round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest arrived. If you looked at my computer history you would see that I refreshed the contest results page about 5,000 times between Sunday and Tuesday.

On Tuesday, around 9 am Pacific Coast Time, I found out I made it to the next round. Was I happy? Probably a little too happy. Making the round of 250 doesn’t really sound like a big deal, but it means that my manuscript will get a full read by someone at Publisher’s Weekly. I realize that the reader will probably be some 20 year-old intern locked in a dark closet, but that didn’t stop me from gloating.

If you want to see the contest page it is located here:

If you have a Kindle, or a Kindle app on your computer or smartphone, you can download an excerpt and give it a read.

The next cut takes place on April 24th. Until then I will feel like a winner.

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