The Art of Travel Photography

My son and I share a passion for photography, not a in a traditional sense, but in the sense that it gives us the opportunity to do something inappropriate and record it for posterity. For example, the following photo opportunity presented itself while we were in Paris a couple years ago.

This photo was taken using a cheap camera.

This poor fellow just happened to fall asleep in the wrong place and became a member of the family photo album.

A photographer is always looking for those special moments.

When taking a quality photo like this it is important to exercise a ninja-level of stealth. Some opportunities present themselves organically while others need a little bit of staging. My son spotted this next photo-op while we were walking through Versailles.

High Five

The key to good travel photography is a keen eye and the ability to see what the average tourist misses. How many people walked right by this statue without getting a high five?

Taking photos in low light can be fun also, but always be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for the opportunity to make those fleeting moments into treasured memories.

Low light photography has its own challenges
Always be aware of signs when composing your photo

The most important thing to remember when taking travel shots is to stay open to the possibilities presented to each each day. Almost all travelers have cameras, but not everyone is a travel photographer.

A travel photographer needs to have an eye for the absurd

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