Day: September 2, 2011

The Ambassador

Sea spary.

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A faded copy of Wallace Stevens’

Collected works sits on a windowsill

Looking west across a churning ocean.


A murky, gray horizontal smudge meets

Beyond vision and fades both north and south:

The archaic world of the Pelican.


This ancient bird dives along the shoreline

Blending sky and sea till it’s nearly

Indiscernible through the mottled glass.


Searching the braking waves the Pelican

Plunges its great wings into the salt spray

And rushes over the cutting water’s edge.


Numerous other shore birds have washed up

And been buried by rolling winter sands,

Selected by fate to soar no longer,


Yet the lice infested feathers of this

Primordial bird keep it aloft to

Behold an ever-changing empire.


Beyond the shoreline’s crashing saltwater,

Beyond the horizontal dreary smudge,

The eternal world of the Pelican


Will welcome this antiquated bird home

Tonight, and the Titans will hear its

Wondrous tales of imaginary lands.

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