Day: August 22, 2011

The Siesta

Framed and finished A once blank canvas was Pulled tight, Stretched and Prepared. Vincent Dabbed color on this empty Space, Mixing yellow swirls Around two napping Field workers dreaming Of skies as blue as Vincent’s. Where workers rest Beneath golden haystacks Undisturbed by the Sweating grunting world.

My $400 Chickens

For about three years my wife has wanted chickens. She has been reading chicken books, visiting chickens, thinking about chickens and talking about someday having chickens. We have enough property for chickens, but I haven’t wanted them for one reason: I don’t want chickens. Sure I would like […]

Easter in Palestine

The boys searched the scorched ground For bits of a new martyr. Fresh scraps mixed with ancient dirt Shrouding their task. Shouting to friends, Gathering to examine their found treasures. Easter this year was cold. The northern wind blew sand and rain. The children were not deterred. They […]